We Export Exotic Fruits, Of the Best Quality and Flavor

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Yellow Pitahaya

The Yellow pitahaya (Selenicereus Megalanthus) is a high-water content fruit (80%), it has diverse qualities that help in the digestion process...

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Cape Gooseberry

The cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) is native from South America, specifically in the Andes area. It has an exotic smell and a sweet-sour taste...

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Yellow Passion Fruit

The Maracuya (Passifora edulis) also known as the passion fruit, has nutritional and medicinal properties that improve health. The Yellow Passion Fruit...

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Purple Passion Fruit

The Gulupa (Passiflora Edulis Sims) is a delicious passion fruit, being an excellent source of Vitamin C. In addition, it’s ideal to be made in juices...

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Hass Avocado

The Hass avocado, is a black small fruit with a corrugated skin. It’s known for its excellent flavor and its qualities as a contributor of vitamins...

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Why to choose us?

We export fresh fruit mainly in the Asian market (Korea, Japan and Hong Kong).

We have our own crops to provide our customers with high quality products and fulfill destination requirements.

Currently we are the only Colombian company that has the VHT (Vapor Heat Treatment Machine), which is a phytosanitary requirement in many countries.

We are able to export almost all the year, thanks to the geographical position of the country.

The fruit is harvested in several regions of the country, guaranteeing a constant supply.